Park Seo Joon reveals Kim Soo Hyun helped him become famous

Before there was a Park Seo Joon, there is a helpful and supportive Kim Soo Hyun who opened the opportunity. Park Seo Joon was at the point of giving up, even planning to have a plastic surgery when Kim Soo Hyun stepped in to help.

Park Seo Jun faced Harsh Criticism from Casting Directors

The OBS’s Unique Entertainment News told the story of how Park Seo Joon once faced a tough time after getting discharged from the military. When he was first auditioning for K-drama roles, some casting and talent directors criticized him and told him that his face was too old fashioned and that he didn’t have a face fit for a K-drama actor.

Some were even harsh enough to comment that he had this child-like way of talking. Park Seo Joon experienced rejection as felt that at that point of his life he was a failure.

Because of self-esteem issues he even pondered undergoing plastic surgery. But instead of moving forward with plastic surgery, he instead took more effort to improve his charm and talent, and slowly but surely the impression of the people around him changed.

Park Seo Jun Timeline to Fame

He was working as a bit-part actor in a short film that time, when a good friend of his introduced him to Kim Soo Hyun. Without hesitation, Kim Soo Hyun helped Park Seo Jun get introduced to KeyEast- his first agency. With the help of the recommendation and influence of Kim Soo Hyun, Park Seo Joon finally got his shot. He was given a short meeting and audition. The agency was impressed with Park Seo Joon and were able to see so many opportunities for him, this is what led him to finally land the roles of a lifetime.

It was 2011, when Park Seo Jun officially made his debut by starring in Bang Yong Guk’s ” I Remember” music video. In 2012, after continuous training and improvement he landed the role of Shi Woo in Dream High 2.

2013 has opened more projects for him when he was casted in the drama I Summon You, Gold! This drama became the turning point for his career. One day, Park Seo Jun got a call from the company that there will be an audition for the drama later that day, he ran to the studio and performed the best that he could. He was able to beat almost 100 hopefuls to get the role of Park Hyun Tae.

Since then, the K-drama actor starred in the hit K-drama series Witch’s Romance, Kill Me, Heal Me, She Was Pretty, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim that made him super famous in countries like the Philippines, Japan,Malaysia and Singapore. His latest K-drama project is Itaewon Class.

Park Seo Joon was candid and open about how Kim Soo Hyun opened doors for him. Kim Soo Hyun was crucial in making sure that the K-drama world would be bestowed by the talented and hopeful Park Seo Jun.

Although the actors are not too close and not really the best of friends. They have high respect for each other. Park Seo Jun revealed that it was Kim Soo Hyun who gave him the phone number of the KeyEast company associate where he got casted.

He then added, “To be honest. I’m not too close with Soo Hyun. We’re at that point where we just say hello. Since we each have our schedules, it’s pretty hard to meet up.”

In 2020, because of the new film project with IU, Park Seo Jun and Kim Soo Hyun was able to reconnect by sending coffee and food trucks to one another during the film set.

Park Seo Jun is busy wrapping up his film project with IU ‘ Dream’, he is set to work on his upcoming film project for 2021 with Park Bo Young.

Kim Soo Hyun has just finished and had a successful run with Netflix Drama ” It’s Okay Not to be Okay” and remains the highest paid K-drama actor.



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