Michael Jackson Outfits that Inspired the Artist in You

Michael Jackson made the concert stage alive, he was a spark of light, vibrant and his impact in the lives of people cannot be denied. Here are some of the most iconic, inspiring and amazing outfits that Michael Jackson wore on the stage. He is definitely deserving of the title- The King of Style!

  1. Michael Jackson | Royal concert in Brunei 1996 – Dangerous Tour Black and Gold Belt Outfit

Michael Jackson had this enthralling stage presence, and his ample use of black and gold remains etched in style history.

2. Michael Jackson: The Man, The Magic, The Mystery and the Red Thriller Jacket

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson is already not in this world, everyone who’s anyone in style is sure to dream of wearing this iconic Red Thriller Jacket. It’s just simply out of this world and truly ahead of its time.Who knew that becoming a Zombie could be this fashionable? Despite wearing this outfit, he boldly expressed in his Music video that he is in no way supporting the occult.

3. Michael Jackson Black Jacket: Iconic in Travel

Michael Jackson always traveled in style, he stands out in the crowd and makes sure to create a lasting impression.

4. Michael Jackson: The Entertainer

Michael Jackson was the total entertainer, not only with the songs and the way he performs on stage, but also when it comes to designing his outfits. He has this aura of Royalty.

"He would often say that if the guy sitting in the front row was wearing what he was wearing, then he’d stop being the entertainer."

His outfits are hard to repeat since they are custom made, especially the shin guards. The costumes were also plated with 18k Karat gold like the one he wore in the History Tour of 1996. 

5. Michael Jackson, Eccentric and Unique

Michael Jackson was clear with his goal, and that is to be unique to the point of eccentricity. And this, is of course one of the many reasons why he remains memorable. He was dubbed as ” The Glove One”.

 "Everyone wears two gloves," Bush recalled Jackson saying. "I'll wear one and make them pay attention."

6. Simply Majestic in White

Michael Jackson was not always about fancy clothes and looking like royalty. He knew how to flaunt natural charm by simply wearing a white shirt or a white polo. It was the performance inside of him- the willingness to give love and the perfect performance to his audience that made all the difference.

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