Britney Spears & Backstreet Boys Collab Finally Happens “Matches”

Our inner 16-year-old is screaming right now, this is the collaboration that 90’s kids will truly feel iconic.

The Collaboration between Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys takes us back into the glorious ’90s. Where the world felt simple yet colorful, comfortable, kind, and with danceable bops and tunes.

Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys have teamed up for a new track called “Matches”. Fans were quick to notice the nostalgic beat that ” Matches” contain. It has energy of the 90’s pop production and reminded us of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys in their prime.

The Backstreet Boys sing the electro-pop tunes intro before Spears joins in singing about a dangerous kind of love.

Britney Spears was ecstatic to share the news with her fans. “‘Matches’ featuring my friends @backstreetboys is out now !!!!,” Spears tweeted after the song dropped on Friday morning. “I’m so excited to hear what you think about our song together.”

While Backstreet Boys shared the song on their Instagram page, saying, ” What a glorious day it is… we’ve been asked about the possibility of a collab like this for the past 20 years and today is the day! ” Matches”.

” Matches” is part of the new Spears 2020 Album Edition ” Glory”. She also dropped another single ” Swimming in the Stars” on her 39th Birthday on Dec. 2.

This song from Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys is a gift to fans, a turn of the millennium pop collaboration. ” Matches” is a contemporary club pop mixed with dramatic strings. It is very reminiscent of the 90’s Britney and Backstreet Boys that we all loved.

The tune will make you feel like you are partying in 1999! A much needed feel-good beat in these most trying times.

Fans are saying this is just what we need this 2020! Rejoice 90’s kids, the 90’s energy and epic comebacks are here!

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