10 Ways to Refresh Your Brain: Feel Happier & Energized

In a highly stressful world, it is not uncommon for us to feel lost, depressed, tired and confused. We at the Good Humans Club are focused on creating content that gives information on how to heal emotionally, physically, mentally and Spiritually.

Here are the 10 Ways to Help your brain feel refreshed and happier.

  1. Do Nothing

It might seem absurd but this advice is really what we need. Our brains are deeply stimulated and engaged everywhere we look. Our mobile phones are filled with images and videos that make us hyper active and addicted on the screen. Our lives are filled with email, messenger chats, zoom meetings and all sorts of busy stuff that keep us from feeling relaxed.

Which is why the best thing to do to help make your brain happy is to do nothing for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. Sit in a quiet corner, calm your thoughts down. Relax your mind and body and avoid thinking of any heavy thought. Stop feeling anxious and say a short prayer, asking God to help keep you calm and your mind peaceful.

Strive to stop doing anything or to think about anything. If you cannot keep your thoughts quiet, and you still imagine things when you shut your eyes. Strive to think of happy thoughts instead like visiting a peaceful and quiet garden. But it is best if you can manage to do nothing and think about nothing for a few minutes.

2. Listen to Calm and Steady Music

Most of the time the music in our environment is what causes additional stress. Music frequency has a huge impact with the way our brain works. Make it a point to listen to healing and creative music that inspires the brain. Make sure to listen to calm sounds of nature, and to avoid listening to the same bands over and over again. Engage your brain and discover new music to listen to. At best, listen to binaural beats and healing frequency music to help recalibrate and strengthen your brain. Binaural beats is one of the best ways to ease your thoughts. Listen to this music while writing or if you have a hard time relaxing your brain as you sleep.

3. Go for A Walk

Avoid getting stuck in your room for several hours without doing any physical exercise. Avoid diving too deep into computer games and watching television the entire day. Instead, find ways to enjoy walking outside, checking the trees and beautiful flowers in the outdoors. Just appreciating the warmth outside, or the windy breeze. Discover a new path, gardens or just simply enjoy walking in the neighborhood. Walking can help you ease worries and tension and even give you a much needed exercise.

Walking believe it or not has so many benefits. It can lead to reduction of stress, an improved self-esteem, boost in confidence and creativity. As you walk, you can even converse and talk to God about the pains, worries and anxieties that has been boggling your mind.

Walking, hiking and even participating in pilgrimage trips can renew your sense of self and Spirit. It will bring new data to your brain, as you discover new landscapes and see different colors, experience new sounds and even taste new flavors as you discover new places during your walks.

4. Read A Novel

Not a lot of people value reading books, but this is truly one of the best ways to refresh your brain. It is a system wherein you upgrade the contents of your brain. If you are already the reading type- you can select another genre that you don’t usually read. Discover a new author, read a different genre apart from your favorites and even challenge yourself to create a short story on Online writing and book platforms like Wattpad.

You can also choose to pick a novel, try searching for books written in another era. Select fiction and just enjoy training your brain to imagine different scenarios. Immerse yourself in another character, flex your imagination, visualize the parts of the story and enhance your brain as you go. Reading novels is like sports to the brain, as physical exercise is to the body.

5. Diffuse a new scent every month inside the home or the office

If you want to keep your brain excited, and if you want to fill it up with new memories or sensations. You can try diffusing different scents in your house, or at work. If you are not fond of diffusing essential oils, you can buy different soaps and shampoo or different perfume per month. It will trigger new sensations in your brain. It will help you avoid monotony, and can help trigger new effects and patterns in your brain.

6. Learn a new language

A bilingual brain, or a brain that strives to learn 5 or more languages help keep your brain engaged. Plus it also opens up an entirely new culture and world for you. There are so many fascinating cultures and group of people that you can interact with. Countries like Iceland, South Korea and Japan have some of the most complex languages, however, once your brain learns them they open a whole new world and opportunities for you.

There are so many free beginner lessons on YouTube to start with. If you want to take them seriously, you can also enroll online or in person and get your brain even more excited.

7. Shop and Dine in New Places every now and then

Sometimes, we fall into a lazy habit. We tend to eat, dine and shop in the same place for the rest of our lives. But this is limiting our brain. In order to keep our brain fresh we need new experiences.

Strive to shop and go on a vacation to a new place every now and then. Pick different types of food to eat, establish new habits every now and then. It’s like training your mind to learn something new every week. Going to a new place, exploring a new dish, listening to new music is like learning to ride a bike for the first time, or learning to drive for the first time. Add more experience, details and color to your life by exploring more options.

8. Watch a new genre of Film every now and then

Avoid getting stuck in one genre of movie for the rest of your life. Strive to research other types of film genre available and not just the recommendations given to you by Netflix or the friends you have. Check the top ranking movies by other countries.

Be patient enough to read subtitles. Train your brain to appreciate indie films, even short films and animations coming from different countries. Study how South Koreans, Filipinos, Japanese, Dutch and people from Romania produce movies. Google the top movies of other countries including Thailand and expand your point of view and how your brain sees the world.

9. Take Plant-Based Supplements that help boost your brain

There are so many plant based supplements that you can take or add in your daily diet to help keep your brain strong and refreshed. One of them is Ginseng. It has the ability to boost your brain function as well as mental performance. Sage and Peppermint are also top natural life giving supplements that can aid the brain to feel much stronger.

10. Read the Bible and Connect Daily to Jesus Christ

This is the most important among all of the tips listed. As the Bible would say ” Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you”. Find time to read the bible from Genesis to Revelation, and seek an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer.

There is no security here on earth, only Jesus Christ can give your brain much needed peace. It is the only thing that can help protect you from depression. Get to know God more by reading the Bible and find some quiet moments to really converse with God – strengthen your body, mind and Spirit in Jesus Christ.

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